Jill Andrews at the Down Home

I had heard whispers of a band called the everybodyfields while I was growing up in Bristol, Tennessee. I had heard the name ‘Jill Andrews’ countless times, but I had never listened to the everybodyfields or Jill Andrews.

When I moved to Johnson City, Tennessee in 2011 for grad school, I made the choice to travel to Knoxville and attend the CD release party for Jill’s album “The Mirror” at the Relix Theater. I’m still not entirely sure what prompted me to do it, but it was a decision that shifted my experience for years to come.

Jill Andrews’ The Mirror

Jill Andrews performs “Another Man” at the Relix Theater in Knoxville, Tennessee

Jill’s music instantly drew me in, with its pop sensibility wrapped in folk country aesthetics. ¬†At the time, I had recently become obsessed with Joni Mitchell, and I could see Joni’s spirit in Jill.

“The Mirror” was her first solo full length. Compared to The everybodyfields, “The Mirror” was poppier, cleaner in its production.

Jill Andrews’ Music

Digging deeper into her body of work, I instantly fell in love with her eponymous debut EP. The songwriting was deep. The recording was raw and intimate. Jill’s voice was pure. This record stands as one of my favorite pieces of recorded music of all time. This is not an exaggeration, but my simple truth.

Over the years, Jill’s music evolved. She moved to Nashville, and her music continued to find success.

The following photos were from a show, somewhere between 2011 and 2013, at Johnson City’s Down Home.

Down Home – Johnson City, Tennessee

Jill Andrews plays her acoustic guitar at the Down Home in Johnson City, Tennessee.