I am a lifelong learner (LLL). Knowledge and growth seem to be keys to an enlightened and inspiring life. I can’t tell you how much time I spend watching tutorials and lectures on YouTube. The unspoken goal has always been, ultimately, Mastery.

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It’s said that to become a Master, one must spend 10,000 hours with their craft.

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Those ten thousand hours look different for everyone. During the Renaissance, it was standard for an aspiring artist to work as an apprentice under a Master. For the Beatles, it was months in Germany, playing for hours on end. These days, it could be completely self-taught, with education taking place in YouTube tutorials, forums, free time, and pure trial-and-error.

Further, with the cost of college on the rise – and the lack of a guaranteed career – alternative forms of education seem to be a wise method of obtaining knowledge. As online education advances, more opportunities for growth will evolve.

This brings me to Masterclass, the online video series featuring impressive teachers sharing their working (evolved) knowledge of their medium

What is Masterclass?

Masterclass is an online learning platform, with classes from some of the leading artists of today. The courses are built around high-quality video lectures, interactive assignments, and access to a strong and supportive online community of like minded learners.

Masterclass’ roster of teachers is truly a Who’s Who of modern artistic creation.

The question really becomes: what do you want to learn? The art of Comedy? Who better to teach you than Steve Martin?

Screenwriting? How about Aaron Sorkin? Film scoring? They’ve got Hans Zimmer. Photography? None other than Annie Lebovitz. Filmmaking? Try Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, or even David Lynch.

Even the person that has popularized the 10,000 hour mastery concept, Malcolm Gladwell, teaches writing.

Invest in Martin Scorsese's Masterclass Course

Personally, I am deeply excited for the new Timbaland series. I have grown up as a huge fan of Timbaland. (I know this might come as a shock). His production has always been incredibly unique, and has deeply influenced my own production style. His collaboration with Missy Elliot is groundbreaking. His work with Justin Timberlake has created some of the best dance hits in the past 20 years. …and now, he’s willing to share his knowledge in an accessible format. It’s a steal.

Masterclass offers an a la carte option, where you are able to purchase a single course. Or if you are like me and all of the classes seem worthwhile, you can purchase the All Access Pass. It’s also a great gift idea for the artist in your life.

The question now is: What do you wish to learn about?

What do you want to Master?

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