Surrender (2011)

“Surrender” is an experimental noise pop album that David Gwaltney created from 2009-2011.

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David’s Artist Statement on “Surrender”

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Artist Statement from David

Chris Newton and I had been making trippy audio recordings with Garageband for years. The software has many built in presets that can be adjusted. Although I was able to work in software like Logic and ProTools, it was a creative choice to remain in Garageband.

I had also been addicted to my guitar looping pedal. The pedal had a second input which allowed you to insert either a microphone or line-in. This is where things started to get really interesting. Looping was a way to get lost in an auditory world for hours. To surrender.

“Surrender” was heavily influenced by the work of Animal Collective and the Beatles’ more experimental work.

A Visualization of “Gentle Dentist” by Patrick Adkins