During my social distancing practice, I created this unofficial visualizer for Avey Tare’s live album “Live At The Mothlight 04-04-17.”

This is comprised of footage I shot of Avey Tare in Asheville NC (The Mothlight and the Masonic Temple) over the past few years, featuring the video projection work of Abby Portner.

You can pay what you wish for the album on Avey’s bandcamp, and all proceeds will go towards MusiCares’ COVID-19 Fund. I’ve long been a fan of Musicares’ work, so I’m excited to see Avey supporting other artists in these weird times.

Recorded by Adam McDaniel
Mixed and Mastered by Adam McDaniel at Drop of Sun Studios


  1. Midnight Special
  2. Sew Happy ( HORS_ Beginnings)
  3. Taken Boy
  4. Eyes on Eyes
  5. Disc One
  6. Betty Was a Doctor
  7. Uncle Donut
  8. What’s The Goodside
  9. Red Light Water Show
  10. Cemeteries
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