I was first introduced to Blurb in a grad school photography class. For our final assignment, we were to make a photo book of our class’ best work. I was amazed by the simplicity of designing the book and the quality of the final product.

Travel Photo Books

When it came time to make my family a Christmas present, I thought back on that book, and realized it would be perfect for the photos from our family trip to Africa.

To honor the power of that trip, I decided on a hardcover. I went with a nice matte paper.

This book is one that my family will cherish forever. It has the weight and appearance of a real coffee table book, with the added emotion of personal photos.

Trade Books: Perfect for TFP Photoshoots

For my first photo shoot with models, I wanted to honor our time and photographs with a photo book. For this project, I tried the trade book option from Blurb. The price is slightly more affordable than the traditional photo book, but there is no quality spared. The final product has the feel of a high quality magazine.

I sent the books as surprises to the models. It was incredible to witness their reactions to seeing their work in a printed form.

Endless Possibilities

Having made these other books, I now see that Blurb could work well for so many uses.

  • Turn Your Instagram/Facebook Into a Book

  • Cookbooks

  • Zines/DIY Magazines

  • Wedding/Event Photo Books

  • Self-Published Books

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